Loch Long

Loch Long is a sea loch, about 20 miles long, with Arrochar at its head. The loch historically divided Argyll and Dunbartonshire.

Loch Long from the Arrochar Alps.
Military enthusiasts will find Loch Long particularly interesting.
Loch Long was home to Royal Navy Torpedo Range (RNTR) Arrochar, which was officially opened in 1912. The facility played an important role in testing torpedoes manufactured in the UK, especially during the Second World War. In 1944, for example, around 12,565 torpedoes were fired down Loch Long which, due to its long, narrow shape and its relatively secluded location, was ideal for this type of testing. The last torpedo to be ranged from RNTR Arrochar was fired in March 1986.
The facility is now partly demolished, and its function was replaced by nearby RNAD Coulport.

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