What better way to escape from the city than experiencing wildlife in the Scottish lochs and mountains?

A short-eared owl soaring above the hills
Loch Lomond is the largest inland body of freshwater in the UK and contains some unique species of fish. It used to be connected to the sea at Loch Long, and the gradually decreasing salinity of the water led to some species of fish evolving uniquely to this marine environment. The loch contains trout, salmon, char, pike and many other species of fish.
Loch Long and Loch Goil are sheltered sea lochs which, as well as being home to the hundreds of species of fish in the sea around Scotland, are also the natural habitat of seals and dolphins. The sea lochs also provide a diverse marine habitat for crabs and other crustaceans.
Argyll Forest Park and Queen Elizabeth Forest Park are home to an abundance of wildlife: you will find deer, squirrels, badgers, bats, and a wide variety of birds and insects including owls, ospreys, dragonflies and butterflies.
The Arrochar Alps are home to an impressive array of mountain wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for grouse and ptarmigan shooting over the hillside; and don’t forget to look out for an unforgettable glimpse of a golden eagle soaring over the peaks and summits.

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